The Ballet Program is separated into 2 levels (Junior and Senior).  Classical classes are taught using principles from French, American and Russian technique and styles. Taught by classical trained instructors, students are instructed in classroom etiquette, attire, vocabulary, wellness, injury prevention, nutrition, ballet history, career paths, ballet conditioning to fully round out the dancer.

Suggested Reading- Technical Manual and Dictionary by Gail Grant

Senior Academy are levels 1-4.  If there are  too many dancers in a class we will create another. Dancers must be 12 by Aug. 1 to be in the Sr. Program. There are times when a dancer excels and will be at the level as the Seniors but not old enough.  The director will make the decision that is best for the dancers in all aspects of the dance art.

Senior Academy I – Takes 3 days a week in ballet technique, (when ready to go en pointe) 1 pointe class in technique shoes if not ready, Progressive Ballet and 1 elective of dancers choice.

Senior Academy II -Takes 4 days a week in ballet technique, 1 pointe class, Progressive ballet and 1 elective of dancers choice.

Senior Academy II– takes 4-6 days a week in ballet technique,1-2 electives, progressive, pointe classes.  

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